Duralite performance composites is the leading supplier of high performance fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite materials for the construction of orthopaedic and orthotic components. Duralite  proprietary technology has advantages over other thermoplastic technologies in the method that the materials are produced, which leads to greater consistency and accuracy.

Duralite composites have high durability with excellent damping and shock attenuation and resiliency which results in enhanced energy return and response. The composites provide superior stability and support, yet are lightweight and thin to reduce fatigue and stress.

The material is easy to process and is available in three different compositions and thicknesses. This makes Duralite Sheets and Components suitable for a wide range of applications in the (technical) orthopedics, revalidation, sports medicine and other industries.


The increasing percentage of carbon fibres in various products ensures higher rigidity at lower material volume. Duralite offers excellent mechanical properties and good chemical resistance at a low density. Where low weight and high durability is important Duralite offers the solution. Duralite is available in 3 variaties:

Glass fiber the most cost effective woven composite

Glass fiber products are the most cost effective composite materials with all woven glass fiber reinforcement. Similar performance characteristics compared to the carbon/glass options but slightly thicker and heavier (glass weights more than carbon fiber) The glass fiber products are available in thicknesses that vary from 0.25 to 2.00 millimeter.

Carbon fiber the greatest strength to weight option available

The carbon fiber products are the lightweight and resilient products for improved performance. These products are available in thicknesses that vary from 0.25 to 1.00 millimeter.

Duralite-XT, a continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite

This very strong and durable material is available in several rigidity types ranging from Ease Flex to Ultra-Rigid.

Duralite-XT is suitable for all kinds of high-quality applications in orthopedics (orthosis, braces, soles) and in the world of sports (shoes and athletic applications).
The unique composition gives Duralite-XT special/specific properties such as:

  • High impact and tear resistance
  • Durable
  • Superior kickback and resilience
  • Easy to mold and finish, requiring no special handling
  • Easy to edit
  • Modern prints

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